The 404 area code covers Atlanta, Georgia and the towns and cities in its immediate vicinity, most of which are considered suburbs of Atlanta. The 404 originally covered the entire state of Georgia, when the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) was created in 1947, designed to create a uniform system of phone numbers across the United States and Canada.

The center of the area is the city of Atlanta, which is the capital of Georgia, and its largest city. The 404 area code is home to several nationally-renowned colleges and universities, such as Georgia Tech, and Georgia State University.

There are many unique communities in the 404 area, including

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is the largest city in the 404 area code, the capital of Georgia, and that state's largest city. It has a population of over 540,000 people, making it a major population and economic center for the Southeastern United States. Throughout the 1990s, and well into the 21st Century, Atlanta has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the developed world.

Atlanta's human history predates written records, and the area now known as Atlanta, and the rest of the 404 area code, was populated by various Native American groups for thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers. Atlanta's first major settlements came during the War of 1812, when the British and Americans fought for the territory, attempted to recruit rival Native American tribes to fight on their respective sides, and built a string of forts to help secure the area.

During the Civil War, Atlanta was almost completely destroyed. However, during Reconstruction, it rebuilt and repopulated with astonishing speed. It didn't take long for Atlanta to become one of the major commercial and industrial centers in the South a position it retains to this day. As a result, Atlanta and the 404 area code in general are home to many different industries, and are home to the headquarters of 3 Fortune 100 companies, and about 10 Fortune 500 companies. As a result of this diversity of industry, many professions that make industry possible have thriving communities in Atlanta and the 404 area code. For example, many lawyers, from solo practitioners to global law firms, have a presence in the 404 area code.

Atlanta's economy is also boosted by the presence of many nationally-renowned colleges and universities, including Georgia Tech, which is one of the top research universities in the country, Georgia State University, and Emory University. Many of these universities have very well-regarded law schools, and have produced some of the nation's leading attorneys and legal professionals.

Atlanta and other cities in the 404 area are also growing centers for the biotechnology industry, creating a niche market for patent lawyers who have advanced degrees in various biology-related subjects. Because individuals with such qualifications are pretty rare, these positions are usually very well-paid.

Neighborhoods in Atlanta, Georgia

Being a large city, Atlanta has many distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. People from around the 404 area code are drawn to these neighborhoods, either for business or pleasure, for a wide variety of different reasons. The largest and most well-known Atlanta neighborhoods include Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, and Cascade Heights.

Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is the first and largest of 3 financial districts in the city of Atlanta. Many of the major corporations with headquarters or major regional offices in Atlanta are situated in the Downtown neighborhood. Downtown Atlanta is the economic center of the 404 area code, and a major economic hub for the entire Southern U.S.

Many large law firms, which employ hundreds of lawyers, have offices in Downtown Atlanta. However, there are many, many more small law firms in Downtown Atlanta, which employ one to ten attorneys. These smaller firms, in addition to being more numerous than large law firms, tend to charge lower rates and handle the types of cases that the average person is likely to face, such as family, employment, and small business law.

Midtown Atlanta

Midtown Atlanta is the other major financial district in Atlanta, alongside Downtown. Like Downtown, many major corporations and law firms have their offices in Midtown. However, Midtown is slightly smaller, and has more residential space, and its own unique character.

By itself, Midtown Atlanta could serve as a commercial and economic center for the 404 area code. However, with its proximity to Downtown Atlanta, it is part of one of the most important economic centers in Georgia.

In addition to being a major business center for the 404 area, Midtown is also known for its thriving art scene and nightlife. It is home to many art galleries, and popular clubs. It is also home to the main campuses of Georgia Tech, one of the most prestigious universities in the 404 area code, and the Southern U.S. in general, many of whose graduates have probably gone on to become some of the leading lawyers in the 404 area, particularly in the area of patent law, thanks to their science training.

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