Sandy Springs, Georgia

Sandy Springs, Georgia is a city in the 404 area code, and Fulton County. Its population is roughly 83,000 people. The city is named for the natural springs located in the area, which are protected and preserved as historical sites.

The first house in Sandy Springs was built in 1842, and is called the Austin-Johnson House. As with many small towns located adjacent to major cities (Atlanta, in this case), Sandy Springs saw a huge building boom in the years following World War Two. This period was characterized by rapid population and economic growth, leading to a mass exodus out of rural and urban areas, into the newly-created suburbs. Hundreds, if not thousands, of small towns across the U.S. transformed from isolated agricultural communities to sprawling residential areas, serving as "bedroom communities" to the nearest large city.

Many of the smaller cities and towns in the 404 area code can be accurately described as bedroom communities for Atlanta, meaning that they are almost entirely residential, populated by people who work in the nearby city. Many people who live in bedroom communities are educated professionals in a variety of industries, such as law, medicine, and finance.

Sandy Springs, in addition to having a large residential population, also has a thriving business community, and is home to more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the 404 area code, or even the whole state of Georgia, including Atlanta. It has a thriving economy, necessitating the presence of many professionals who help insure that business runs smoothly and predictably, such as lawyers.